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Sturdy, $10 Plate Tree
$15 in Ct., apparently:)

Just cut the 4x4 36" long.
Cut 4 - 2x4's 17" long.
Screw with 4" deck screws, and use good glue.
Bore 1" holes, pound 16" cut pieces of ground rod through holes.

Double check the distances between the rods by doing a dry run layout on the ground before you drill. Some plates are slightly different in diameter.

"I built a couple of these a while back and they are working great. I changed the dimensions a little, so I thought I'd pass them along - it might save you a little measuring and having to lay out your Oly plates on the 4x4 to get dimensions that work for your particular plates. The 4x4 is 44 inches long. The 2x4s are 18 inches long. From the top of the 4x4 to the centers of each of the three 1-inch holes are as follows: 3-1/4 13-3/4 29-1/2 The 35, 25, and 2-1/2 lb. plates are on one side, and the 45s, 10s, and 5s are on the other side. Mine was more expensive than Joe's because I couldn't find any 1-inch ground rod, so I opted instead for some pre-cut 18-inch long 3/4-inch (1-inch outside diameter) galvanized pipe. Thanks Joe!" Tommy Spratlin

New Addition, Chalk Box...
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