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Gear Survey Results

How much do you get out of your gear?
(Here, gear means belt, wraps and suits.)
That was the main question.
Here are the results...

6-10 percent increase spread over all three lifts.

Now, take the best raw lifts. Add 10%
Take the best equipped lifts. Subract 10%
The two still don't even come close.
Put gear on the raw lifters and
take the gear off of the equipped lifters
and equipped lifters are much stronger raw
than raw lifters are equipped.
over time gear allows equipped lifters
to become stronger.

"I want to touch on a point for all the ones that keep asking, "when should I put on the gear". First let me say, I always wear a belt from the bar on up, for a few reasons. I want to keep the feel of something around my waist, even a different feeling can mess up your form. You do not have to cinch it up tight until you put on some bigger weight but keep it on. It also helps to keep your lower back warm. Your lower back has very little blood running through it and can cool off very easy, so even a loose belt can keep it warm and loose. That is one of the best reasons of all to help keep injuries at bay. You can cinch it up tight at 50-60% or better.

Now for the wrist wraps. The wrist can take a beating on all lifts, it can be injured (sprained) very easy. The ligaments and tendons are susceptible to tearing after many years of hard working out. I know, I ruptured a tendon in my hand and had a tendon transplant, so I am very hard on people who think they are indestructible.

Just wait till it happens to you, your wrists can cool off very easy also. Keeps them warm and tight while squatting, benching or whatever. I keep them on from the empty bar on up. Knee wraps I put on loose at about 50% and tighten them up as I get higher. Same reasons, for protection and support; and the older you get and the heavier you get, the more you will appreciate being injury free.

Be smart, keep your egos in check and use the gear for all the right reasons. Protection and support...and the extra pounds will do wonders for your head..........."
Rickey Dale Crain

© Joe Skopec 2005

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